On the edge of a major breakthrough
in plasmid DNA-based gene therapy

Founded in 1996, Helixmith has been dedicated to research in gene therapy for over 20 years. Led by Sunyoung Kim and his lab in Seoul National University, the Helixmith team has developed an extremely powerful gene expression system and has tested it in various therapeutic areas.

So far, more than 700 patients have gone through clinical studies using the product, which appears to have an excellent safety profile and promising therapeutic outcomes.

Based on our proprietary technology and know-how gained from 20 years of gene therapy experience, we are researching new approaches to tackle previously untreated diseases. For example, cell-mediated gene therapy is one of the areas in which our efforts are focused on ways that could expand CAR-T programs to treat solid tumors. We also drive innovation through early stage pipeline products that target various neuromuscular diseases.

The company is currently headquartered in Seoul, Korea; our clinical development and manufacturing activities are based in San Diego, California in the US. In particular, we co-own a cGMP-ready DNA production facility, Genopis, Inc., an affiliated CDMO in San Diego. Genopis serves both Helixmith and external customers in need of DNA.