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Improvement of Woking memoryGastrodia combination extracts (HX106)

Working memory has a close correlation with academic achievement. It is a short-term storage component with a limited capacity. It is important for decision making and reasoning, and is related to higher-order cognitive skills (mathematics, proportional reasoning, reading comprehension, etc.). It is known to deteriorate as the brain ages.​

HX106 is a combination extracts consisting of 4 plants and has been recognized as a functional ingredient by MFDS for improving memory (certification No. 2015-17) and is patented in Korea, USA, Japan, and Europe. From the clinical trial, subjects who were treated with HX106 showed significantly greater working memory improvement compared to that of those treated with placebo. In addition, the HX106 group showed microstructural changes in the brain regions involved in working memory function.​

In a recent clinical trial on ADHD children, HX106 showed an enhancement of the efficacy of methylphenidate, a current ADHD drug.

HX106 is currently sold under the brand name MNEMOSYNE to consumers in a form of granule. ​

Clinical Study

Randomized, double blind, placebo controlled clinical study involving 75 adults  :  Improvement of working memory and microstructural changes in the brain regions related to working memory function were observed after administration for 8 weeks

Reference : Kwon, Oran, et al. Korean J Biol Psychiatry. 22.2 (2015)